Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Character Design

This here's my first assignment for my Character Design class. There are a number of problems with it, but seeing as it was only our first assignment I decided not to put the extra time and effort into redoing the drawings. As long as I don't fail badly enough to get kicked out of the program, I'm not too concerned with marks. I'm more so focused on learning and advancing, and hopefully good marks will stem from that!

Drawing hands in rotation is not my forté, nor is drawing feet. Also, I have issues with the profile view on this particular character, the nose lacks the continuity there is in the other views. In regards to the clothing, the pants are actually (unintentionally!) pretty identical to the ones I used for the character I designed for my entrance portfolio. That being:
The next assignment, which involves drawing various poses of an original character, should be much more easy for me because I don't have to be so focused on lining everything up like with a rotation. It should be a lot more fun and creative as well! :)


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Name Slate

Beware of the rainbow explosion below...

Ah, color! :) This is a project done for my Digital Tools class. It was completely open ended, and this is what I came up with. Kids and their imaginations... Now, as if it isn't obvious, she's pretending she's a pirate sailing the seas, map and telescope (paper towel roll) in hands! Additionally, she drew all over the walls to make her surroundings feel more like a waterscape. The blankets are intended to be reminiscent of waves, though I'm not sure if anyone would pick up on that without knowing that beforehand. So yep, that's about it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Post Numero Uno!

So...I suppose this is now my first ever post on, practically, my first ever blog! Here is where I'll (hopefully) post art of mine for friends, family and random passers-by to know what I've been up to in my artistic world. :) For this post I think I'll just put up a work in progress of the banner I made for myself over the course of today and yesterday.

More than once has my mom stated how much she wants miniature elephants to exist. Since such a creature will not be a part of our world in the unforeseeable future, having them exist within an art piece is an acceptable alternative, no? I just wanted something fun and cute as a banner, so this is what I came up with. I wasn't too focused on anatomy of the elephants and whatnot, as there was no need to be. A friend of mine pointed out that there's a ton of water pouring out of that bowl, probably more than the bowl would allow, but heck - art goes beyond such laws of the universe! In hindsight I could have made the water a bit transparent, but ehhh whatever, it's just a header! Hopefully there's nothing I want to change, because I mistakenly destroyed the PSD file just a few minutes ago... 
All of the pieces that I digitally color end up being very softly shaded. It's just what happens when you pair me up with Photoshop. Many times I've told myself that I'll try to develop another, more painterly, digital coloring style, but I have yet to actually do just that.