Saturday, September 29, 2012

Life Drawing and Story

Above are just a few pieces from life drawing. The first image is for part of an assignment that requires taking a life drawing pose we've drawn and transforming it into an actual character, one that is either a hero or a villain. I went with a villain/witch lady...even though the little sparks of color emanating from her wand are not particularly intimidating. Then below is just a story sketch for a film idea I had, which as the teacher pointed out, was more suited for live action than animation - which I already knew while working on it, but figured there would be elements to the film making it worth being animated!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mix & Match

Design idea for an animation assignment of mine, although I'm certain that at least the outfit will change since I do not want to animate all of its components. Felt like having a bit of fun with it for this image though, hence the patterns and unnecessary add ons like the vest and skirt.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

iPod Photos

Felt like knocking down the previous post on this blog, so to do that I needed to make a new post. Since I haven't really got any drawings or paintings that I want to put up here now I figured I'd put up a few random iPod photos I took during the course of the summer. I used Instagram filters on all but the first image because I'm cool like that and they are fun/easy to use. The last three photos were taken at these dunes in North Carolina when I went and stayed at the beach for a week with my cousin and her family. The last photo is easily my favorite out of this bunch, if only I used my actual camera for better quality!