Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last Assignments of 1st Year

Time for a blog update that encompasses assignments from a bunch of various classes! First up is a diagonal pan done for layout. Nothing amazing...wanted to do something pretty simple.
Below is our final painting assignment. I realize that the focal point is more or less in the center of the composition but I wanted to see if I could pull it off, because it certainly can be done effectively. I'm not so sure how well I succeeded in that, but yeah!
Here's our final animation assignment where we had to animate a flour sack interacting with a prop, mine being a sword in the stone. I don't particularly care for it, but I don't particularly care for most of my animations! Maybe next year I'll grow fonder of my animation assignments.

And lastly...some classmates and myself have recently gotten very much into Cartoon Network's show, Flapjack. I've liked it for quite a while, but had only seen a few episodes. That's changed in recent weeks, after having obtained a fair amount of its episodes. 
Anyway, Andy was planning on drawing Neilizza a panda because she is obsessed with them, but she couldn't be any more specific as to what she wanted. Sooo I suggested a panda in the style of Flapjack...and that is exactly what this below picture is - Andy drew it, I kept it! (Neilizza's not too much of a Flapjack fan anyway...) If you like strange and somewhat demented cartoons, and have never seen Flapjack...I definitely recommend it. ;)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Life Drawing

Here are some recent life drawings. I'm glad I kept my life drawing pad from the very first class, because looking at it and the progress I've made is pretty motivating; I still have tons of things to improve upon though!
30 Second Poses 
(this first one to the left is probably a tad longer than a 30, but it was listed as a 30 so here it is!)
 1 Minute Poses
 3 Minute Poses
5 Minute Poses
Here's a caricature I did of Neilizza in class. We did a number of people, but according to my teacher this was my best one from the session. Caricatures aren't really my favorite thing to do, but maybe I'll enjoy it more if I actually give them a decent chance!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Character Pose & Expression Pack

This is our last Character Design assignment of the year! We had to come up with an anthropomorphic character and give it 8 poses and 8 expressions; I ended up giving my character 9 of each for some reason. He's a sugar glider, and if you know what they look like, you'd know they have a lot more markings than what I've given him. He looked strange though, when I added markings around his eyes and whatnot, so I left them out.