Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hands & Feet

Here are 12 hands and 12 feet drawings done for my Life Drawing class. :) They aren't even due until Thursday; yay for not procrastinating! I actually started on 'em weeks ago, and each week did just a few, instead of doing them all at once. +1 for time management!
Overall, I enjoyed doing the hands...not so much the feet! I don't know why, probably just because I find hands a lot easier and more fun to draw.


  1. They look so realistic!


  2. wow Winona x3 awesome hands, awesome feet. You put me to shame, lol.

  3. He'll probably say they are too illustrative or something. *_* Oh well, thank ya!

  4. OK -- Can I ask the University of Maryland to officially rescind my art degree now? I can't even hold a CANDLE to what you are doing, Winona!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWO!!!