Friday, December 17, 2010

Layout Pan and Portfolio

Our last assignment for my Layout class was to create either a repeat horizontal pan or a repeat vertical pan (I chose horizontal). I'd definitely recommend clicking the image for the larger view...since it's difficult to read at this size. I spent a ton of time on this, mostly because I  didn't really have any other assignments to worry about since final assignments for the other classes were mostly due the week prior to this one. Our teacher isn't really a hard marker, so I really could have gone a more simplistic route, but I don't want to get in any kind of habit where I do easier works just because the teacher doesn't mark that hard. That's a mindset I really want to stay away from, I know I won't grow much as an artist if I don't challenge myself!

For those reading this blog who aren't really familiar with how things in animation production work, so family and whatnot, this is separated into different levels. There's the background, the animation, the overlay/underlay and the special effects. You have to think of this piece in terms of how it would look on the screen. So on screen, you wouldn't see this image in its entirety, you'd only see a portion of it at any given time as it'd be panning, with the leopard in the foreground walking, and the guy in the raft moving along in the river.

Final version:
Rough version:
And the initial concept:
This is just a picture I took while I was working on it, so you can get a sense of the scale. 
Also, here is a close up of the tribal guy, since he's rather small even in the larger image. The fingers on the hand grasping the spear are a bit wrong, considering they should overlap the shaft...but whatever! There's so much going on in this piece that that's rather insignificant. Don't mind the crudely drawn ripples in the water either, haha.
In addition to this assignment above, we had to hand in a few pieces for a layout portfolio. I wasn't really sure how refined this portfolio was to be, but Komza did say it could be just sketches if that is how we wish to be represented. Below are a few of the pieces I handed in for that.
These are mainly just concepts...not at all finished pieces.


  1. beeeyooooteeful! can't wait to see you tomorrow :)

  2. Winona!! Your pan background is insane! I love how you were able to control all these details without making it confusing to look at (I dunno if that made sense).
    Happy holidays, man!