Monday, January 31, 2011

Dual Images

Our first painting assignment of the new semester was to create two images that were opposites in nature.

"Each image should present an environment and atmosphere in opposition to its companion. Think about polarities. Consider the quality or qualities of each polarity in terms of inherent, distinctive characteristics. These can be, among other things, physical, emotional, intellectual."

For mine, I used a sort of ambiguous idea; basically, where you go when you are born (a nursery) versus where you go when you die (a graveyard). Whether or not anyone viewing these pieces picks up on that intended message is really no matter, because regardless, a baby's room and a graveyard are pretty different from one another. A majority of the people I showed this to found it quite humorous in a certain respect, haha.

I really dislike the lantern on this graveyard piece. I think the fog came out okaaay, considering it's really my first time ever trying to paint fog. I could have probably done more with it but hopefully it gives a good enough feeling of atmosphere.

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