Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff

First up is our most recent painting assignment. The whole idea of the assignment was to use the exact same layout, but paint with different colors to give off different moods. We had to use a triadic color scheme in one and an analogous color scheme in the other.
I don't particularly care for how I painted the water, I think I should practice painting clearer/more reflective water in the future. The assignment below is a layout assignment from a few weeks ago, nothing too special really.
Next is a character sequence assignment done a few weeks back for my Character Design class. I decided to do a kiwi, who runs into a bit of trouble when he comes across...a kiwi. It's very simple, and I really didn't push myself with this assignment, but at least works.

And here we have the head rotation assignment for animation class. I ended up doing Denahi from Brother Bear. I feel as though mine is a bit off model, especially after the initial head rotations. The entire expression change at the end is really stupid and horridly animated, haha. I rushed it though, not because of procrastinating, more so because I just wanted it to be done with.

This next video is my first version of this assignment. In Brother Bear, Denahi starts to have this beard/goatee, of sorts (though it's not really either of those...) later on in the film. Anyway, my friend/classmate Andy was eager to have the expression change be him growing said beard. Haha, so I went along with it and (crudely) animated it. I showed it to our teacher, and just as I suspected, she was likeee "what?" Then she said she'd be screaming like that too if random hairs started to rapidly grow out of her face. YouTube really washed out the file, so it's a bit hard to see, but you get the idea!


  1. I still love the random beard growing xD

  2. Man, Winona. I always love your color choices in your paintings, especially for your triadic one! They're so spot on!
    Great work as always~. Post more often, haha!

  3. Ahah, ya Neilizza, oooh, the entertainment. XD

    Aw and thanks Nicole! I actually didn't like the triadic colors I was using while working on it, but after finishing I've grown to like them!