Thursday, June 14, 2012


After having come to the decision that he is quite awesome, I decided to draw Amon from Legend of Korra. Yayaaa, more Korra fanart. I'm not one to particularly care for villains, I often find them annoying or simply unlikeable. Amon's swfitness, evasiveness, fearlessness, charisma and other attributes just make it hard for me to disdain him, haha. I think I'll be upset at his demise, assuming that will happen in some way, shape or form seeing as Nickelodeon isn't going to allow the villain to win. Of course by now Amon has mainly only used his power to take bending away from those who abuse their abilities, so maybe if and when he really hits the more innocent benders, my liking for him will be lessened a bit - buuut I'm not so sure. I'm very interested to see how the final three episodes of the season pan out!

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