Saturday, September 29, 2012

Life Drawing and Story

Above are just a few pieces from life drawing. The first image is for part of an assignment that requires taking a life drawing pose we've drawn and transforming it into an actual character, one that is either a hero or a villain. I went with a villain/witch lady...even though the little sparks of color emanating from her wand are not particularly intimidating. Then below is just a story sketch for a film idea I had, which as the teacher pointed out, was more suited for live action than animation - which I already knew while working on it, but figured there would be elements to the film making it worth being animated!


  1. ooohhh I really like your watercolour work
    what do you use to outline it? the brush, pencils, pens?

  2. From the sketch I traced it onto the watercolor paper with a pencil then just put the watercolor right on top - I outlined areas with the same watercolor swatch as the object I was outlining just with little water so the line would be darker and rather manageable!