Friday, July 22, 2011

Zoo & Museum Sketches

I went to the Washington DC Zoo and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History a few days ago with my mom - DC is close enough to home (1.5/2 hour drive) that it's nice to visit every once in a while! I particularly like the zoo because there is no admission cost (though there is no admission cost for the Smithsonian museums either). If I lived right in the area I'm sure I'd go there all the time to draw animals! 

Below are just a couple (of many) photos I took while at the zoo, then below that are the sketches I did, none of which are anything special - it's all just practice. Sketching in pen is something I've only done a couple times before, so that was something relatively new for me. I'm a little rusty too because I have hardly drawn at all in the past two months due to being busy, and I don't feel like doing anything but relaxing with the free time I do have. I don't think any of these sketches exceeded 1 minute, I'd say most of them are around 30 seconds. I didn't sketch too much because it was hot, crowded, and I didn't have a stool or anything so  any position I found myself drawing in was awkward and uncomfortable. I did quite a few of flamingo gestures because no one else was in that area, which gives me a much better peace of mind when it comes to sketching in public!

Then here are a few (again, out of many) photos I took at the Smithsonian. I really love the displays of animals they have - it's really well put together and there's a ton to see. I only drew a few of them as my time was limited, but ya!
The Smithsonian also has great exhibits of skeletons. I didn't draw any, but there really is quite the selection if I ever do decide to sketch some of them. These two photos are just a very small taste of all the skeletons they've got on display.


  1. Smithsonian Museum of Natural History..... I envy you right now sooo much <_<

  2. *gasps* D:
    Those are great sketches, man~. Be sure to rest as much as you can while summer lasts, but try to sketch from life and imagination too. It helps to make it a daily, non-stressful habit. :D

  3. Lol aw Neilizza. I've prolly been there 7 or so times throughout my life because of school field trips and personal trips just like this one. XD I only spent a few hours there this go round because my mom and I had gone to a number of other museums that same day, but I could easily spend an entire day at this one!

    Thanks Nicole, they're okaaay considering my lack of drawing this summer, but seriously they're really not that great, haha. I'll probably get plenty of time to relax the last month before school starts because I'll be back in Canada away from my family and all random jobs I've been doing!