Sunday, August 7, 2011

Harry Potter

I decided I'd draw one of the promotional posters for Harry Potter - I omitted the text because I felt it wasn't necessary for the drawing. I've been working on this on and off over the course of 2 or so weeks. 

I used the grid method again to draw the outline. Despite what I had written in the Jack Johnson post when I first started doing portraits again, I really do prefer to use a grid than to not...especially when there is a lot going on. It's easy to run into trouble of fitting everything on the page if you're not using any form of measurements.

Even though Ron is the smallest of the three in this drawing, he gave me the most trouble; the angle made it  difficult for me to draw and shade. I also didn't go too detailed on the background. In the poster, the bridge is of course more detailed and whatnot, but I really prefer just focusing on the characters. Plus, I would need a reeeally tiny pencil if I wanted to get it spot on.

Below is just a video with various photos I took along the way to show the work in progress.
Click here for the reference picture. :)


  1. It's flippin' awwwweesooooome! You have an insane amount of patience!