Saturday, December 8, 2012


Above is my action analysis which has been an overarching assignment throughout the semester. I finished it up the other day, which is nice because it isn't even due for another week. I certainly hope that the majority of others in my year are planning their time accordingly and don't end up frantically trying to finish this for the time of hand in. Despite the finished scene having a maximum requirement of only 6 seconds, it can be easy to underestimate how long things can take when you've never done them before, like clean up for example. Heck, even composting can take a long time if you are not an After Effects wizard, which I am not!

There are a few things I dislike about the boarded section here, and of course I could have easily taken the small amount of time to fix what I dislike about the boards, but ultimately this assignment is about the fully finalized scene so I didn't really feel like bothering with that, although I guess I could since I still have a week...but...I would rather leave this where it is and work on whatever else!

Below is more or less my first 3d acting piece. Prior to this I did a simple walk and a jumping mushroom, just to get a hang of animating in Maya and whatnot. I like this piece for the most part, and I suppose it's not bad considering it is essentially my first time ever doing something like this; I spent a ton of time on it though and got plenty of help from my teacher along the way. I really wish we had begun learning 3d earlier (the now 2nd years had a change of curriculum and already begin animating in Maya...lucky!). Since I'm enjoying 3d it is something I really want to work on. Ultimately it is up to me to dedicate my own time in practicing since after next week I will no longer have a 3d animation semester it's replaced with rigging, which I highly doubt I will enjoy.

Lastly, here are a few variations of a "puppet smash" assignment for my stop motion class. Stop motion isn't really my thing...but I can appreciate the fact that for one semester we are getting exposure to it. :)


  1. your 2D animation is cute, and your 3D one is really good!

  2. That 3d animation is awesome! Great stuff Winona!