Tuesday, February 12, 2013


These are two concept designs done back in the fall semester for the group film I am a part of, at a time when we were experimenting with what the world we were creating would actually look like.

I have a handful of other pieces to make updates with, although I'm not sure if I should make one large eclectic post with it all, or just gradually put them out through various blog posts. I think I will go with the latter, which simply means I'll have some regular updates for a short while, unlike this one which comes over two months since my last post, and that last post coming a month after the one before that!


  1. Nice clean looking parks! And yeah, I'm not a good regular blog poster either...but good stuff here.

    1. Thanks! Well, glancing at your blog, you have really awesome pieces (even if they may be irregular in terms of posting date)! And ultimately that is totally fine, quality over quantity...hehe. :D