Friday, November 26, 2010

Character Expressions

Here are my character expressions for Character Design. I think this is the first character design assignment that I'm pretty pleased with! When I showed the teacher my design he said that I should give it no neck, because with the neck, it looks like an older baby. I like the neck though, so I kept it. He also said to get rid of the gum line in the open mouthed expressions, because it just looks confusing. I prefer it with it though, so that's the 2nd piece of advice of his I completely disregarded. Hopefully he doesn't mind too much that I didn't alter my design based on his suggestions. I don't really like the one where she's scared/frightened, but it was the last expression I did, so I just wanted to get it over with.


  1. I really like your Character, she looks like a cute and feisty baby! Your work always has a great level of presentation and cleanliness.

    I find that our teacher relies a lot on personal taste rather than professional opinion sometimes... It's hard to tell the difference.

  2. Aw thanks Nicole! You know, I do agree with that opinion of yours. He knows what he likes, and there's nothing wrong with that...but it does at times seem as though if there is something he doesn't like then that makes it wrong. He does have valid points at times, and of course I appreciate his feedback, regardless of whether or not I agree with it. XD It's not as though I don't respect him as a teacher or anything. Certain things just make me a bit asldfjsfalk.