Monday, November 29, 2010

Master Copy Painting

Here's the painting I did for none other than my painting class. We had to choose a background from anywhere, be it a movie, tv series or short film, and then replicate it. We just traced over the print out, which was a method that surprised me at first...seems like cheating! But this wasn't meant to be focused on the drawing the elements, it was meant to focus on the painting of them. Plus, this is how things would be done in the animation industry. Those who paint the backgrounds generally aren't the same people who actually drew and planned them out, unless perhaps it's a really small studio or something. You can have a perfect outline and still end up with a totally terrible final result if the painting was executed badly.

I chose a background from Lilo and Stitch, the tv series I believe. I could post the original background up, but having them side by side just puts mine to shame! Looking at my painting on its own though, I'm pleased with how it turned out. There are some slight color differences between this and the original, but that's alright. Matching colors exactly can be quite tough. So here is the painting that consumed many hours of my life: