Sunday, November 14, 2010


Here's what I did for the marine animal assignment. It is most definitely nothing special compared to a lot of other 1st year students' animations, but that's okayyy. This view was just tough for me in regards to envisioning the fin movement and what not, so that partially made me get tired of working on it very quickly. Also, with this view, I feel that panned background wouldn't really be panning in this manner...but that's how we were to do it. Had I done a profile shot of it it would make more sense, but that would have been even harder to capture the fin movements! I could have pushed myself more with this, but what with all my other classes I found that to be less of a priority.


  1. Winona --
    It's very nice! I'm also looking forward to your future creations.

  2. Great work Winona xD All hte hard work paid off